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Cotton Picker Parts Even Better Than  Before

BHC is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of superior quality parts for both major cotton pickers. Produced in a modern, advanced technology plant, BHC parts feature many improvements on the original.
Spindles- Break before bending 
     12 &14 Barbs
     Smoother surface finish
     Longer bushing life
     Precisely heat treated
     Less cotton staining.
 Doffers- For maximum efficiency
     Oil resistant rubber
     Bonded to rigid core
     Resistant to wear and tear
     Reduces downtime.
  Moistener pads-
    Made of high quality rubber
     Oil resistant-extra strength
     Long life
     High flexible rubber wipes spindles
     Clean of green stain & dirt.
Included in the complete range of BHC parts are gear wheels, stalklifter rods, front & rear suction doors, plates, row and picking units-everything profit-conscious cotton farmers need to keep their pickers moving.
For parts even better than the originals at prices less than the parts they  replace, join the many cotton farmers now using BHC parts. There's no reason to settle for less when you can get the very best.