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Major Overhaul

Disassemble cabinets completely and align with precision gauges. 
                 Cam tracks, sun gears, and drumheads are checked for allowable
                 wear. Grid bars are repaired and grid holders replaced as needed. All
                 bearings are replaced.

     -Bar Components
Shafts are disassembled-All needle bearings, roll pins, snap rings, are 
                  replaced and gears are graded for wear. Bar bushings, sleeves, and 
                  pivot are replaced. Bars are aligned for proper installation into 

     -Doffers and Moisture Pad Systems
                  Doffers are replaced with the latest non-contaminating pads and new 
                  bearings are installed. Each doffer column is ground to insure exact 
                  doffer to spindle tolerance. 
                  Moisture columns are aligned, water lines tested and new pads are 

     -Spindles and Spindle Nut Assemblies
All spindles are graded and inspected for re-use. Nut Bushings are 
                replaced and bearingized to factory specifications for maximum 
                service life. All spindles are installed to factory specifications.

All drum components are installed and picker bars are gauged for
                exact precision. The heads are tested and all bolts are tightened.